New Beginnings

When you receive this, our third issue of Innkeeping Quarterly (IQ), New Year’s Day will have already passed. I hope you, like many people around the world, took some time to come up with some resolutions for improving your life and those around you. I’ve always been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I type them up, print them on a small piece of paper and keep them in a place where I see them often. Going through the exercise of writing them down engenders a sense of commitment to them.

With this same feeling I approached the PAII Board of Directors about developing a new Vision Statement and organizational goals for the association. PAII’s board, advisory council and some at-large members involved in state associations were invited to participate in the development of our vision and goals. Below is the resulting Vision Statement that will drive the staff and volunteer leadership into the coming years. Just like New Year’s resolutions, the statement describes the kind of organization we want to be.

PAII LISTENS to the needs and desires of the innkeeping community, which includes aspiring, active, interim and retired innkeepers, as well as industry suppliers and allied organizations

PAII SERVES the innkeeping community by connecting people to share ideas, solve problems, build relationships and conduct business

PAII REPRESENTS the innkeeping community through successful public and media relations efforts and public policy advocacy

PAII STANDS FOR a commitment to excellence and professionalism within the innkeeping community and among the general public

PAII LEADS the innkeeping community by supplying progressive, reliable and relevant information, education and resources aimed at supporting individual success

PAII THRIVES as a successful and formidable trade association representing most innkeepers throughout the United States and beyond

We also developed numerous organizational goals, which are too long to list here. But you should know that the goals aim to support several things, including developing more, relevant benefits for our members; ensuring a culture in which PAII recognizes, listens and responds to our members; promoting more business for the innkeeping industry; being a better partner with all the allied associations in the innkeeping world; and growing PAII, so that we may be a more resourceful and influential organization on your behalf.

These are our resolutions for improving the organization and those we reach. What are your resolutions? May I suggest committing to a little renewal yourself? There is no better way to renew your commitment to success and happiness in innkeeping than attending the world’s largest gathering of innkeepers. For generations and generations, association annual conferences have been the very best resource for peers in a profession to connect, learn and grow. PAII’s 2008 Annual Conference in sunny California this April is no different. In a world that now offers many ways for people to connect through computers (which I think is great), nothing trumps in-person discourse and learning, seeing the smiling faces of friends and peers and getting away from the business (literally and figuratively) to take a fresh look at what you’re doing.

To that point, I hope you will join us in Anaheim, where I look forward to personally saying hello to you.

Happy New Year!
Jay Karen
President & CEO

Author: Jay Karen

Jay is the President & CEO of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International.

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