February 2008 – On My Mind

In my seven short months on board as your CEO, I’ve come to learn a great deal about the challenging, yet often times rewarding, profession and life of innkeeping. I am approached by members and industry leaders in all corners of the continent about what PAII should be doing. It is important for you to know what we have decided to focus on in the coming months and years. One of the most important achievements our board and staff have accomplished recently is the adoption of a clear vision for PAII. In my column in the recent Winter edition of Innkeeping Quarterly (IQ), I share PAII’s new “Vision Statement.” It is a firm belief of mine to have in front of us and wear on our sleeves a vision of the organization we will always strive to be for our members and the industry. You can read the statement here. This statement is an over-arching philosophy for the organization. We also needed a clear set of priorities and objectives for the coming months and years. The PAII Board of Directors, along with the PAII Advisory Council and other at-large members, helped to shape the most relevant priorities of the organization. These priorities, which we consider our organizational goals, are listed below. All of the work of the staff and board are shaped and motivated by these priorities.

I hope you agree with what we have chosen to focus and spend association time and resources on. We recognize that we cannot be all things to all people, and at the same time be successful. A successful association is helping its members be more successful. In order for PAII to thrive, we must have the support and involvement of our members. To maximize your investment in PAII, we urge you to participate in PAII surveys, read PAII communications, go to PAII meetings, support PAII vendor members, participate in the PAII forum, buy books and research published by PAII, and continue to support PAII through your membership. With your help, we can accomplish the goals below.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments at jay@paii.org.

PAII’s Organizational Goals
Association Growth
PAII will commit to annual net growth of no less than 5% of member inns, supported by a significant improvement in retention of existing inns. PAII will increase the variety of suppliers involved in the association. PAII will measurably grow member participation in all association programs. PAII will develop new revenue sources, grow the top and bottom lines and increase reserves to help ensure future financial stability.
Membership Benefits
PAII will provide a variety of valuable programs and services, so that all types of members at all levels of expertise and experience feel membership in PAII is critical to their success.
PAII will study and evaluate governance and corporate structures to determine the most appropriate and fitting structure for perpetual success and benefit of the members, association and industry.
PAII will respond measurably to members with respect, promptness, courtesy, care, and empathy. PAII will conduct our affairs with honesty, a positive attitude, the highest ethical standards, integrity, sincerity, and enthusiasm. PAII will serve our members with the excellent level of service our members are expected to provide their guests. PAII will actively seek the input and advice from our membership and always be available to listen to our members and allies. PAII will keep members informed of who we are, what we stand for, what we are doing and why we are doing it. PAII will provide meaningful and ample volunteer opportunities. PAII will recognize members for longevity of service and outstanding contributions to PAII and the innkeeping industry.
Promoting More Business for the Innkeeping Industry
PAII will become the undisputed voice for the innkeeping industry. PAII will be the gateway to the lodging experience offered by innkeepers through a permanent, industry-supported, cutting-edge public relations campaign aimed at educating consumers and providing access to a variety of sources for reservations. PAII will develop valuable marketing tools for member innkeepers. PAII will actively engage media for increased coverage of our association, industry and the experience of staying at inns.
Allied Associations
PAII will be a valuable ally and source of support to associations of innkeepers by providing a platform for their leadership to share ideas, solve problems, and build relationships. PAII will provide education to elected leadership and hired staff of associations of innkeepers. PAII will develop mutually beneficial, voluntary agreements with willing associations of innkeepers. PAII will develop meaningful relationships with allied associations within and outside of innkeeping, which will aid the success of our members.

Author: Jay Karen

Jay is the President & CEO of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International.

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