What little things could we be doing better to serve guests?

It’s a simple picture of a simple item found in my closet at the Lookout Point Lakeside Inn in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where I stayed last week.  This is a plastic laundry bag, and its presence in my closet made me smile.  Why?

I smiled because I rarely see such a thing at B&Bs and inns, and I see a lot of B&Bs and inns.  A generic, plastic laundry bag hanging in a closet can be seen at just about any hotel, but it is a rarity at B&Bs.

I suppose I am a typical traveler, in that I bring more clothes than I end up actually wearing on a trip.  This creates a little problem, because I now have dirty laundry and clean laundry, all of which needs to go back into my luggage.  Sometimes I remember to bring a plastic shopping bag that I saved from a trip to my local grocery store, in which I can put my dirty clothes.  But if I forget my own bag, the bag provided by the hotel or inn is a great thing to see.

I’m sure restocking those bags after each stay is a pain in the butt for housekeeping, and maybe that’s why a lot of innkeepers don’t have the bags – many of you ARE the housekeepers and can’t delegate the task.  Maybe you never really thought about it.  The expense can’t be too great, can it?  Why don’t most of you do this?  It’s a little thing that can mean a lot to a traveler.

What else have you seen at inns, or what else are you doing at your inn, that is little, but can make a big difference to a road warrior or leisure guest?  I look forward to your responses below.


Author: Jay Karen

Jay is the President & CEO of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International.

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